Virtual Youth Group

Hey guys! Check back here frequently to be a part of our virtual youth group!

Use all the sections below to engage in tonight's virtual youth group. We'll play a game, sing a worship song, watch a Bible Study, and then respond to a question for the chance to win a prize!

Virtual Wednesday Night Midweek

  • WELCOME & Game

    Click and watch this video to see what this Virtual Youth Group is all about and play a game with us!

  • video

    Check out this hilarious video by Cool Call and don't forget to wash your hands!

  • Worship

    Check out this awesome new worship song and sing along! Find a place where no one will hear you if you have to, but sing along with the lyric video and worship God through song! 

    Click the video icon!


    Click the video icon to watch the Bible Study video on Prayer and then CLICK HERE to read Mattew 6:5-13. There is nothing we need more during this strange time in life than to seek God in prayer! Check it out!


    Click the icon to email Eli with your response to the questions and be entered into a drawing for a Chickfila Gift Card:

    1. What are your biggest prayer concerns right now?

    2. What social media platforms are you on? 

    Spend a minute or two praying to God and thanking him for allowing you to come to him with your requests in prayer.